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2021 OAD European Restaurant Awards

Join us for a special livestream of the 2021 OAD Top European Restaurant Awards brought to you by Opinionated About Dining founder Steve Plotnicki. The awards are being presented in partnership with Vocento Gastronomía, part of Vocento -the Spanish media company- that produces Madrid Fusion and San Sebastian Gastronomika, and will be streamed on their channel.

The evening will include guest presenters such as Elena ArzakJeremy ChanAna RosBeau ClugstonBarbara Eselbock and Massimilano Alajmo, who will help OAD’s founder countdown the Top 150 restaurants on the continent.

The event will be live streamed at the following times, according to where you are in the world: Continental Europe 18:00, UK 17:00, U.S. East Coast 12:00, U.S. West Coast 9:00, Hong Kong 0:00, Japan 01:00. To receive a link for the live stream, simply register your details using the form on this page.

The OAD lists are user-generated and compiled based on reviews submitted by diners whose mission is to discover the best possible culinary experiences. They travel to every corner of the world, and the top reviewers typically submit in-excess of 100 reviews per year. Reviewers are assigned a weight based on their dining experience. Because the dining world is so vast, and offers so many different types of experiences, OAD publishes 11 different lists aimed at different segments of the market. To see the schedule for 2021 and lists from prior years, go to www.opinionatedaboutdining.com





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